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Teaching the Lnguage Skills - Essay Example

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This paper introduces the factors which are critical in teaching the language skill of reading. An overview of past literature highlights the current trend supporting an eclectic approach to teaching reading to young pupils; that is, the teacher uses whichever strategies most effectively develop reading skills among his/her students (Burrell, 1998)…

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Teaching the Lnguage Skills

It is a believed by many parents that inborn intelligence will control how well their kids learn to read no matter what type of instruction is given, however, the evidence suggests otherwise. It has been proved that, in general, IQ has very little bearing on early reading ability. Only recently, the researchers have found that children who have difficulty learning to read usually have acceptable level of IQs (Rayner et al. 2002).
It is a fact that teaching children to read well in their early age obviously helps to develop a priceless lifetime habit; thus, it is not surprising that educators have placed enormous emphasis on finding the best way to teach these skills (Rayner et al. 2002). At one time, a great deal of debate in educational circles centred on whether whole-word or phonics instruction was the most effective way of teaching reading skills. But over the past decade or so, arguments have revolved around the relative merits of phonics and whole-word's successor, whole-language.
The concept of whole-language approach has been adopted by many teachers because of its intuitive appeal. ...
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