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Parental Involvement (chapter 4)

Parenting may be considered as natural for everyone, as most people underwent parental care during childhood and adolescence. However, there are still programs in which the goal is to bring out the best in parenting, concerning students whose problems derail them from performing academically. Table 13a focuses on the number of respondents that were able to participate in Parental Involvement workshops. According to the survey, 58 respondents (35%) answered that there were workshops or courses for parent involvement offered by the school district. However, there are 108 respondents (64%) who answered that there were no workshops or courses that concern parent involvement. For those have had the privilege to attend and participate in Parent Involvement workshops, the number of workshops last year varied. There are 21 respondents (12%) that were able to participate in 1 workshop while there were 88 respondents (52%) who were active, attending 2-3 workshops for Parent Involvement. ...
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Chapter Four of this study focuses on the results and analysis of survey questionnaires. These measure or assess how the school district uses the six components of the Epstein Model. It would also allow a closer look on the Oklahoma School District, which is the target population of this study. …
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