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t would be fundamental for a day care provider to dedicate his efforts towards developing positive and productive relation to both children and parents.
It is necessary for parents to develop comfortable zones with instructors and personnel who will be caring for their children. In other words, unless the families feel apprehension, the children will easily mirror the same emotion; thus, resulting in tearful good-byes every time the parents leave their children in a day care. If there are scenarios of discomfort, it would be extremely difficult for parents to leave their children in a day care (Cornish 86). Therefore, as a care provider it would be necessary to create a comfortable environment directed towards the parents and their children.
One way of establishing and developing quick comfort zones for the children is by allowing or requesting the families to visit the facility frequently at any time during the working hours. This makes the bond between the child and the parent hold, which results to children feeling comfortable. Furthermore, the liberty of visiting the institution will make the parent feel free and not to feel that there is anything hidden from her. Additionally, visiting the day care will ensure that the families fully understands the open door policies of the institution before they get the chance of admitting their children into the facility (Cornish 86). This will be a fabulous opportunity for families to understand and apprehend a care provider’s experience and qualifications. These qualifications should sappers the minimum qualification of the care provider, so that the parent can develop confidence in a care provider. The confidence goes further to reaffirm the families that their children are in the position of developing positive childhood skills. Apart from qualifications, as a daycare manager, the families should also be exposed to the qualification and experience of other staff members (Cornish 87).
As a daycare manager, it is ...
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However, the success and the experience of the daycare provider, as well as the experience of the child, will enhance the relationship between the childcare providers and families…
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