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The role of education within society especially in regard to the interests of pupils and the social life - Essay Example

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The role of education within society especially in regard to the interests of pupils and the social life

The ability of children to respond to the challenges of school environment has been found to be differentiated in accordance with the conditions of the particular environment, as depended on the rules of education applied in the specific area, the support provided by teachers but also the personal perceptions and mode of behaviour, as being influenced by the family. Current paper focuses on the examination of the relationship between education and the interests of pupils; the potential relationship between education and social life is also reviewed, at the level that education is a critical part of each social framework. It is revealed that education can have a different role in different social conditions, meaning the social ethics and culture. Moreover, education is likely to be affected by the structure and the rules of each educational site, a fact that indicates the potential autonomy of educational institutes as of their priorities and principles. Also, it is verified that the interests of pupils are likely to be differently promoted in each school not only because of the existence of different social rules and ethics but also because of other factors, such as the infrastructure of each school (Heywood 2000), the perceptions of teachers (Chandra and Sharma), the local culture (Leclercq 2003) and the trends in local community (Nasr 1994), which may intervene more or less in the development of rules and principles of education. ...
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The personal development of children in modern societies is depended on a series of factors. Family environment highly affects the personality, the perceptions and the skills of children. …
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