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otivation in secondary school learners has been termed as one of the factors that define how successful one shall be in their life after, especially in their career fields. However, records indicate that of all issues and problems that have bothered many teachers overtime, motivation remains the most puzzling (Theobald, 2005).
Teachers agree that motivation is imperative in any student, but “generating” it has remained the hardest task for the teachers. As a result, behavioral and cognitive psychologists have carried out colossal research in a bid to establish the strategies that teachers can use to successfully motivate their students. Educational psychology, which can be defined as the keen study and analysis of how human beings learn, forms the base of the researches and studies that these psychologists carry out (Krause et al, 2013). This work embarks on identifying the various strategies that teachers can adopt to successfully motivate their students. The strategies shall be backed up by psychological education theories to further explain how they work.
To begin with, what is motivation? It can be defined as the internal aspiration in a person to not just succeed but also the ability to take the steps to engage in activities that will lead to the desired success (Salvin, 2003). It has been said that one characteristic of the people with high levels of motivation is the that they have a kind of energy that is generated from within them, which overflows and has in it power, dynamism and immense knowledge of what one wants, and the direction they have to take to get what they want (Benson, 20080. Motivation can be in two forms, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation (Uyulgan and Akkuzu, 2014). Intrinsic motivation is the motivation that is generated y the desire to conquer, or the success in overcoming challenges. Some people call it the “good motivation”. Intrinsic motivation is usually reward based (short term) but in the long run, one is always motivated ...Show more


When parents enroll their children in secondary schools, they expect and desire that these children shall be able to acquire knowledge and skills and that they shall…
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