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Analyze Video

Judging from the dramatized events, it is irrefutable that teachers and other members of staff in a school should be vigilant about their environs. For instance, the first teacher portrayed, immediately locked classroom doors and switched off the lights to ensure that the class did not draw the shooter’s attention. She then swiftly proceeded to call higher school authorities, while ensuring calm among students to avoid panic and sudden movements that would draw attention. However, when the school principal received the information, he informed the assistant to call emergency services and campus security rather than calling them for a faster response and conveyance of information. Even though he immediately called for lockdown, this was not instantaneously conveyed. A school should have proper intercom system within its buildings, which would make sure that the message is transmitted to all people instantly, rather than by word of mouth, since the latter causes significant delay. Even though these measures would have been improved, the overall response was relatively effective, with teachers, staff members and law enforcers maintaining calm and swiftly diffusing the situation (Texasattorneygeneral, 2010).
A wide array of lessons was derived from the school safety video. Key among these lessons is that, educators, school administrators, law enforcers, and emergency responders must work together to effectively deal with such an incident. Further, a school must have an effective communication plan to facilitate information sharing between different staff members and the main office as well as law enforcement. In such situations, involved parties must ensure that they use simple, specific and common language to notify students and personnel about the situation. Speaking clearly and calmly, would aid in avoiding exaggeration that could result in panic. ...Show more


Saving Lives When Seconds Count is an insightful school safety video, which provides immense information for use during times of emergency like shoot-outs. The significance of this video is accentuated by the wanton loss of life in recent horrific incidents experienced in…
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Analyze Video essay example
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