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Assess Leadership Styles - Coursework Example

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With leadership mandate, one assumes power to dominate over others and be in a position of directly and authoritatively influence their behaviors, decisions and actions in compliance with the set standards. For every…

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Assess Leadership Styles

However, even if leaders are born, there are certain traits that can only be developed and nurtured. This heavily depends on the leadership style preferences of each individual.
Having completed several leadership inventories, I discovered much about my leadership styles and corresponding qualities. These, as I found out, have been shaped by my values, beliefs, preferences and the organizational culture in which I do operate. The first leadership style I discovered in myself is democracy. This is a type of leadership style in which the leader as an overall authority, adopts the principles of social equality and directly involves everyone in the decision making exercises within the organization in which they work. For sure, it is my pleasure to report that I have been a very democratic leader. In my capacity as a leader, I have taken it upon myself to ensure that I safeguard the interests of my juniors as well. So, even if I have been exclusively aiming at accomplishing organization’s goals, a lot of focus has been put on my juniors. Despite their lower position, I have been recognizing them as important part of the entire system whose contributions should not only be supported, but also appreciated.
I was not surprised at all when I found out that this is one of the leadership styles I have been applying in my organization. As a democratic leader, I have been directly involving my juniors in major decision making processes within the organization. Indeed, this kind of approach has enabled me to establish a good rapport with most of the employees (Van, Hogan, R. & Kaiser, R., 2008). By enjoying my support as their leader, these workers have been so motivated. In their point of view, democracy is a rightful thing which granted to them at all times. This explains why their productivity has been improving over the years especially since I became their leader.
The other leadership style ...
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