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Standardized tests should be eliminated from school. (Argumentive )

The first reason that these types of tests should be eliminated from the school system is the fact that they are not able to recognize a good many attributes that should be taken into consideration when estimating a student’s potential such as work ethic/effort, commitment and creativity among others. Standardized tests have been designed to judge an individual on basic skill or knowledge that has been previously taught and does not take in to consideration that all students are different and have different strengths and weaknesses. The fact that an individual is not able to pass a math test does not mean that he is a poor student as the person may be gifted in other aspects that are not examined such as art and other practical skills (Cathy15). Using the standardized tests to grade a student’s potential may lead to the overlooking of his other skills that hold just as much value and can lead him to a successful means of making a living which is after all the basic point of an education. Another reason why standardized tests should be eliminated from schools is the narrowing of the curriculum as a result of the limitations that are put upon the education system. ...Show more


Standardized Tests Should Be Eliminated From School Name Subject Professor Date A standardized test can be described as one that is given in a similar manner to all individuals to which the test is administered to and is graded on a previously agreed upon basis…
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Standardized tests should be eliminated from school. (Argumentive Essay) essay example
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