Energy Saving Potential of Green Facade in Hong Kong

Energy Saving Potential of Green Facade in Hong Kong Dissertation example
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1 Introduction A green wall is a wall, either free-standing or to be integrated as a part of a building, which is partly or wholly covered with a plant, including soil or inorganic growing substrate. It can be beneficial to the built environmental and other aspects for achieving a low carbon high performance building.


The up to date technology of green wall system in other countries will be reviewed. Existing examples were examined for assessing the potential development in s Hong Kong setting. 1.1 Objective The social, environmental and visual impression that a green wall system can make towards providing a sustainable built environment in cities are accepted worldwide. One of the objectives of this dissertation is to conduct a thorough review of the update design principle and technology on the green wall system in order to increase public understanding and awareness. Basically, the purpose of this dissertation is divided into three parts. 1.1.1 The first purpose is to present the findings of the desktop literature search into the worldwide green wall innovations. This includes, but is not limited to; A brief definition and classification of green wall systems; A list of the benefits for the public and private sectors; A brief list of the benefits for the environment; 1.1.2 The second purpose is to review green walls development in Hong Kong including: Review of present government pilot project and commercial project; Review of constraint for the application in Hong Kong; A brief of the present green building assessment method in Hong Kong. 1.1.3 The last purpose is to demonstrate how to demonstrate the green wall could be applied in a Hong Kong setting. ...
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