New Aircraft Avionics installation and functionality

New Aircraft Avionics installation and functionality Essay example
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AVIONIC SYSTEMS. by Student’s name Code+ course name Professor’s name University name City, State Date Introduction As a design engineer, I was assigned a task to develop an avionics package for a new aircraft. The paper discusses the installation of hypothetical avionic systems on aircrafts lacking avionics system.


It also describes and shows the block diagram, power source wiring, and the electrical cable routing for the three systems. The paper also details the operation and functionality of the remaining two systems in reference to their block diagram, power source wiring, and the electrical cable routing. The report describes the system in depth including the exact functions of the systems, detailing their peripherals and their form of redundancy. The chosen hypothetical avionics systems include communication and navigation system, cabin and cockpit information system, flight instruments (flight recorders), hazard detection system, and surveillance system. Discussion. Communication and Navigation Systems. Receivers and transmitters are widely used in aviation communication and navigation systems. The transmitters and receivers are used together with one ore antennae, which are responsible in implementation of the vital and crucial link between the ground stations, aircrafts, satellites, and other aircrafts. One of the devices used in facilitating navigation and communication is a simple radio communication system. The radio comprises of the receiver and the transmitted that uses the continuous wave signal. Communication is attained through keying or switching the radio frequencies on and off. ...
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