Engineering and Construction
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Name Course Tutor Date Four Times Square Building, New York City Introduction Over the years, there has been a consistent debate and continued efforts to reduce the negative human impact on the world and its capacity to sustain life. Green engineering is one of the global efforts that seek to achieve a sustainable environment through science and technology (Anastas and Zimmerman 95).


The Durst Organization developed and constructed the Four Times Square in New York between 19996 and 1999 (“Wired New York Meetup Group” 1). There are 48 stories in the building, which makes it the newest, and the greenest skyscraper in Manhattan (“U.S. Department of Energy” 1). The building was the first green skyscraper in U.S, which continues to track its energy performance with Energy Star (“The Durst Organization” 1). Overview of Four Times Square Notably, the building presents the application of two principles of Green Engineering. These include principle 1, which reckons that designers need to strive to ensure that all material and energy inputs and outputs are as inherently safe as possible (Anastas and Zimmerman 96). It also presents principle 3, which claims that separation and purification operations should adopt a design that would minimize energy consumption and materials use (Anastas and Zimmerman 96). The Four Times Square building entails 1.6 million square feet of environmentally friendly architectural design. Indeed, this was the first green skyscraper and the second tallest building in the U.S. ...
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