Role of Engineers in Sustainable Construction

Role of Engineers in Sustainable Construction Assignment example
Engineering and Construction
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In constructing a building for Apple Inc. within the Sydney area, it will be essential to ensure that the building is sustainable, fitting within the Sydney area walking tour concept. Architectural engineers are best placed to provide sustainable development solutions.


Architectural engineers have a tremendous responsibility when it comes to sustainable development, particularly its implementation, because of their central role in construction, as well as their skills and knowledge (Donnelly & Boyle, 2006: p149). This report seeks to examine the aspects required to construct a sustainable building for Apple Corporation. The report will focus on the issues that the Apple building must take into consideration in keeping with the sustainability of construction pioneered in Sydney’s walking tour. First, the engineers must assess the CO2 lifecycle of concrete from the production of raw materials, their transport to the construction site, and concrete production (Park et al, 2012: p2941). This will be done with the aim of pinpointing the processes that require more effort in reduction of CO2 emissions. After this, is completed, the engineers should now use this information to come up with the appropriate concrete technologies that will reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency. Finally, the engineers will also have to design a diagrid façade that increases the energy efficiency and sustainability of the Apple building by reducing electricity needs. ...
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