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Transportation Travel behavior

The current paper focuses on the examination of the various aspects of travel behavior in transportation. Emphasis is laid on the potential use of theories developed in psychology for explaining travel attitudes. There are two key issues that have been explored through this study: a) whether travel attitudes can be measured effectively by employing theories common in psychology and b) whether psychologists support the value of travel attitude in estimating the level of travel demand, as developed in a particular market. The interaction between travel behavior and psychology is analytically explained in this study and appropriate examples are provided, where available, in order to show the role of psychology in understanding and measuring travel attitude. The methodology adopted is based on literature review. Studies published in academic literature especially journals have been used for explaining the issues. Material from books has been used to supplement the information available. ...
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Measurement of Travel Attitude as a Tool for Predicting Travel Behavior Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 1Introduction 3 2. Transportation - Travel Behavior & Travel Attitude 4 2.1 Travel Behavior 4 2.2 Travel Attitude 5 2.2.1 Attitude as in Psychology 5 2.2.2Travel Attitude 5 Role of habit in influencing travel attitude 6 Role of favorability in influencing travel attitude 7 Role of behaviorism in influencing travel attitude 8 2.3 Travel Attitude as in Transportation Engineering 8 2.4 Relationship between Travel Behavior & Travel Attitude 9 2.5Measurement & Prediction of Travel Demand – Use of Theoretical Model 10 3…
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