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Aircraft Maintenance Operations - Essay Example


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Aircraft Maintenance Operations

Maintenance programme This refers to the overall maintenance schedule collaborated with a string of procedures that are meant for continuous review of the applicability and effectiveness of the aircraft. The programme is only accepted when there is compliance with its intent. During this stage data about the aircraft is collected and compiled. These data show the flying hours and flight cycles and it helps to gauge the interval of maintenance. According to Friend, 1992 how often the maintenance takes place depends on how the aircraft is operated. After this procedure, it follows that the operator writes to the CAD for approval of the maintenance. The CAD determines the eligibility of the proposal after which amendments are made by the operator. The new maintenance follows through the following: Management Review Board (MRB) The MRB is formed during the type certification process for big aircrafts that weigh more than 5.7 tonnes. It is composed of the national authorities and chaired by the authority of the state of design or manufacturer. Wu and Cave, 2000 argue that the industry steering committee looks at the design of the aircraft from a maintenance perspective and reports to the MRB. If the MRB believes that the customer does not qualify then it calls for more specialists to participate. The operators contribute to the MRB as work groups within the industry steering committee. After this board has evaluated all the tasks and the chairperson sign’s the proposals, then the next stage

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Aviation sector is facing many challenges now, and the factors such as increasing fuel prices, environmental issues, the emergence of low cost airlines, deregulation, introduction of more efficient aircraft, development in technology, trend of mergers and acquisitions are pressuring the airlines to review their business model in order to adequate their structure to the new requirements of the industry.
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Aviation is a crucial segment of an economy; therefore, the environmental impacts resulting from air transportation need to be attended to for the overall economic welfare and growth. Aviation forms although an insignificant part in reducing environmental pollution yet concern for it is increasing day-by-day as emissions from pollution caused through aviation functions and operations of aircraft and the aircraft maintenance industry are increasing.
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Maintenance Operations in Aviation : Impact
On of such examples is the infamous American Airlines Flight 191 accident that was recorded on May 25, 1979. This was a flight that was bound for Los Angeles International Airport from O’Hare International Airport (Drury, 2000). The setting in which the accident occurred can simply be described as a fatal one as none of the 258 passengers and 13 crew members survived the accident.
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Aircraft maintenance
This papers reviews the latest technology used for maintaining the aircraft and how maintenance has change to adopt the latest technology advances. Closing with the future of aircraft maintenance. Aircraft Maintenance technology relates to the actions required to improve the airworthiness and the designed-in reliability of an aircraft and its systems, subsystems, and components throughout the life cycle of the aircraft.
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Several recent accidents and incidents have emphasized continuing difficulties in flight crew interaction with flight deck automation. Other indicators of potential safety problems, such as flight crew reports, training and operational difficulties, research studies, and surveys also point to vulnerabilities in this area.
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There is a whole team of aviation technicians that the manager looks over to make sure they are doing their job in the right way. To ensure that he first needs to be up to date on the new technologies right away (Garland et al, 1999). Aircrafts are now more
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Aircraft Drawings
The second section in the working drawing is the Assembly Drawing (Faa, 2001, p. 2). The section describes an object made up of at least two sections. It describes the general shape and size of the object. It shows the relationship that exists
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is an analysis by the MSG. Maintenance Steering Group (MSG) Analysis This analysis is carried out by the work group and MRB to determine the types of the task and the frequency depending on the system failure that are even seen by the operating crew. Maintenance Planning Document (MPB) It follows that after all the analysis has been carried out by the MSG, the MRB is obliged to publish a report on the same. Friend, 1992 the report becomes the source document the operator of the aircraft will follow when implementing the maintenance schedule. Certification Maintenance Requirements (CMRs) A CMRs is a periodic task that is established during the period of designing the certification of the aircraft as an operating limitation of the type certificate. This result is formal and it involves the analysis of numerical computation to demonstrate how a failure of the aircraft maintenance would be lethal. Furthermore Brimm and Boggess, 1940 state that, the overall task of the CMR is to detect all attributes of failure or events that would lead to catastrophic conditions. Direct And Indirect Maintenance Cost Over the years operators of aircrafts have been seeking new ways to reduce the burden of the operating costs and make profits. Pearlman and Simpson 1966 the maintenance cost is categorized into direct and indirect cost which serves a good opportunity for revenue maximization. However, cost minimization does not at any point interfere with the quality of maintenance. Direct cost is cost that is related to all operating expenses. This cost incurred by the operator is caused by factors such as fuel, cockpit crew and the maintenance of the aircraft which imply both component and repair costs. Thus the direct cost can be summarized as costs related to all that pertains the maintenance of the aircraft. On the other hand indirect cost is the cost that enhances the operation of the aircr


Aircraft Maintenance Operations and Name University Aircraft Maintenance Operations Introduction Maintenance schedules refer to the details of all the components that are to be maintained in an aircraft and the frequency of the task…
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Aircraft Maintenance Operations essay example
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