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Running Head: PeakVue and Enveloping PeakVue and Enveloping Student Name University Name Subject Name Instructor Name Date of Submission Table of Contents Introduction to PeakVue and Its Working 3 Working 4 Introduction to Enveloping and Its Working 5 Working 6 Differences between PeakVue and Enveloping 7 Advantages of PeakVue over Enveloping 10 Advantages of Enveloping over PeakVue 13 List of References 15 PeakVue and Enveloping Introduction to PeakVue and Its Working The conventional spectral analysis methods help to identify a fault that is present inside a rotating machine and usually, the specific malfunctioning component involved.


Machinery parts composed of bearings are primarily aimed at minimising friction and abrasion. However, due to various reasons like general wear and tear, heating, cracking, rapid temperature change, etc., a bearing may malfunction. This malfunctioning generates repeated discrepancies and mechanistic disruptions, which might be endured by the machinery in the early stages. The problems due to increased frictions inside the bearing parts are usually acoustic in nature, and impact-echo method of vibration monitoring becomes important in detecting them (Sandalone and Street, 1998). If defects of this category are not diagnosed timely, major functional disruptions or failures may take place. Hence, in the realm of rotating machinery fault analysis, and particularly the bearing fault analysis techniques, fast and sophisticated methods need to be found out and adopted. ...
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