Evaluating Civil Engineering in Modern Day Technology and as a Career Path

Evaluating Civil Engineering in Modern Day Technology and as a Career Path Research Paper example
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Engineering and Construction
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Chapter 1 Overview of Civil Engineering as a Profession Civil Engineering and Everyday Life Civil engineering is the oldest engineering discipline and all other disciplines of engineering are said to be originated from it because it is as old as the history of construction.


With its sub-disciplines like environmental engineering, transportation engineering, water resource engineering and urban engineering it has become the most important subject of study in engineering and technology because of the recent threats of environmental pollution, global warming, water scarcity and the problems due to rapid urbanization. With the rapid growth in the population of the world and consequently the rapid consumption of resources, the advancements in civil engineering can provide solutions to these problems and can ensure the provision of the facilities which are essential for life, like water and shelter. Civil engineers are analytical thinkers and are more comfortable dealing with concrete facts. When presented with a problem, they like to solve it. I have selected Civil engineering because of its importance in the everyday life and the solutions it gives to the various problems being faced by human beings on Earth which have originated due to the scarcity of resources. ...
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