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Essay example - Management of change - How organisational structure and culture can influence the promotion or inhibition of change strategies w

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Engineering and Construction
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Management of Change The business environment where companies operate keeps changing. Masnanet et al (2010, p. 269) noted that new opportunities and threats keep developing every now and then. As a result, to maintain competitive advantage, managers must ensure that the organizations they run adapt to the changes in the fastest time possible…

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As such, the only way to remain competitive is to be able to change strategies in a manner that ensures the company remains competitive. This is particularly important for the engineering organizations that operate in a very competitive environment. Despite the benefits that change brings in an organization, most managers and employees are often resistant to change. Martins and Terblanche (2003, p. 68) noted that most employees and managers fear change and will often resist it. The reasons for resisting change are many, including fear of losing jobs, fear of changing the organization structure, culture, and fear of new responsibilities, just to name but a few. However, the organizational structure and culture has a huge influence on the change strategies that an organization may adopt at any one time. In this regard, the organizational structure and culture can either promote or impede the change strategies within an organization. The aim of this discourse is to explore the extent to which an organizational structure and culture can promote or inhibit change strategies within an organization. Organizational Culture and Change Management Culture plays a crucial role in driving a company to success. Pheysey (1993, p. 9) defines organizational culture as a set of norms and beliefs of an organization. ...
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