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Name Professor Course Date Microcontroller in a printer Abstract Printers have acted as an essential electronic considering its close relation to the computers. Producing hard copies from the computers relies on the use of printer. This implies that the absence of printers would have reduced the importance of computers in the world.


This research paper will discuss the importance of microcontrollers through discussing its association to the various printers’ mechanisms. Introduction The invention of printer was important to the world especially at a time when there was pressing need to produce hardcopies. This need arose because of the invention of computers which required that an individual obtains a printout of the softcopy. Consequently, this led to the invention of the first printer, called a teletype machine but this were inefficient triggering the invention of dot matrix printers making use of microcontroller (Andrews, 45). Intuitively, it is true to say that microcontrollers saved the world in making the nowadays existing printers, inkjet and LaserJet printers. It is important to analyze of how the microcontroller leads to the efficiency of inkjet considering that this type of printer makes use of ink dots. Just like in other devices, like dishwasher, the microcontroller helps in providing motion to the ink dots required to reach the paper and yield images. The action of microcontroller in controlling various processes such as electric current, performance and electric current makes it useful within the printers. This is like saying that the use of microcontroller reflects the quality of output from the printers. ...
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