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Name: Course: Course Number: Instructor: Affiliation: Date: The Bridge Project 1.0 Introduction This final project report attempts to describe how to construct truss bridge made from sticks. In this project, we shall learn how to design projects for engineering and attempting to construct them.


2.0 Factors to consider. Economics We will ensure that the cost is as low as possible by first, limiting the weight to 254.9 or below then use both glue and sticks in reduced quantity. The truss bridge that we managed to design had its cost greatly reduced. It will therefore, require several joints hence will not be much effective. Load Since the higher the load the more successful the structure will be, we managed to make the normal bridge structure withstand the weights easily. We also managed to lower the tensional and compressional force, which will be adjusted by increasing overlaps to the high beams. Aesthetics The more appealing to the eye a bridge is, the more it will be used. We plan to make our bridge very attractive by even introducing advertisement pictures on it. Ease of construction Since we only have a short time for this project, it must be easy to construct. This will allow us to carry out this project with minimal errors. We managed to design a bridge without many complexities but with several parts. This will also enable to build it without much flaws. 3.0 Methodology Consideration of Alternatives There were several alternatives that we could choose from based on the sustainability of engineering materials i.e. strength, recyclability and cost effectiveness. ...
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