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Engineering and Construction
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Name Date Course Section/# Introduction: It is oftentimes heard that it is not what you know but who you know. Although this is well-known quotation is over utilized and oftentimes misunderstood to mean that practical education is somehow useless when compared to the nepotistic world in which we live, there is a certain element of truth to the fact that knowledge in and of itself is somewhat useless as compared to the ability to rely upon others and readily achieve a shared or mutual result from the interaction with fellow stakeholders…

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Through such a discussion and analysis, it is the hope of this particular author that the reader will gain a more informed understanding with respect to the necessity and importance of networking as well as a further understanding and identification of the ways in which a focus upon networking can help to build the prospects in the future of the individual that engages with it. Section 1: Firstly, even though it is true that this skill and knowledge learned in a formalized educational setting is not in and of itself sufficient for each and every situation, it should not be understood that networking is a skill that does not require teaching and is somehow innate within each and every human being. Due to differentials of personal psychology, many individuals are introverts whereas others tend to be more extroverted (Calin & Mcgee, 2006). ...
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