The controversy of repairing/replacing Old Bridge

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Name Course Tutor Date The Controversy of Repairing or Replacing Old Bridges Introduction The present bridge construction activities in America is approximated at 7000 new bridges and 2000 bridge reconstructions carried out annually. The total 9000 bridges aforementioned represent only 1.5% of the total number of bridges in the country.


Accordingly, the government has increased its funding towards maintenance of bridges, which would further reduce the deficient number. The high number of deficient bridges in the country informed the strategic plan of the Federal Highway Administration to reduce the number. The controversy of repairing and replacing the ageing bridges in America is analyzed critically, evaluating the supporting reasons for both factions. Bridge System in the United States Average age of US bridges The United States has in excess of 590 000 large highway bridges as well as culverts on its public roads network. The increased building of bridges in the nation was influenced by the Great Depression during the late 1930s. Further construction of bridges was promoted by the establishment of the interstate system in 1960s. According to Das, the standard age of present bridges in the nation is approximated at 37 years. Nevertheless, most of the bridges in America were built in the past 30 years (Das 17). As for Robert, the present bridges in the country were constructed to last for about 50 years. The standard age of the bridges is approximated at 43. ...
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