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How to achieve sustainable concrete Name Course Tutor Institution Date TABLE CONTENTS 1.INTRODUCTION 3 2.RESEARCH OBJECTIVES 3 3.PROBLEM STATEMENT 4 3.1 Sustainability 4 3.1.1 Evironmental sustainability 4 3.1.2 Economic sustainability 6 4 LITERATURE REVIEW 7 4.1 Sustainability of Concrete manufacturing raw materials 7 4.2 Sustainability of concrete itself 10 4.3 How to make Sustainable concrete 12 4.3.1 Blended cement 12 4.3.1 Concrete and the use of blended cements 13 4.3.2 The use of foundry by-products 14 4.3.3 The use of foundry slag 15 4.3.4 Post-consumer glass 15 4.3.5 Manufacture of Sustainable concrete from using Post-consumer glass 16 5.


Therefore, all human activities should be sustainable such that they ensure correct use of the resources available (without waste) as well as ensuring that the environment is conserved. One such activity that should be sustainable in nature is the production and use of concrete. Concrete has been one of the most important materials in the construction and infrastructure industry for more than 2000 years now (Cement Association of Canada 2004). It has also been considered as an environmental friendly material (Cement Association of Canada 2004). In addition, structures made of concrete are normally durable, dependable and their performance in terms of are usually superior (Cement Association of Canada 2004). The question that now arises is how sustainable concrete is. As compared to steel and aluminium, concrete structures are flexible in design, affordability and environmental friendliness (Cement Association of Canada 2004). ...
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