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An Implantable Cardiac Pacemaker Name Institution Introduction Heart failure is a common medical problem that affects over five million people in the United States of America (Zhan, p. 14). This medical condition is catastrophic if not checked and it contributes to about three hundred thousand deaths every year.


The straining of the heart causes further damage to the heart muscles and this may eventually lead to complete wearing out of the heart. It is imperative to note that this condition is serious medical problem that may be caused by diseases that cause damage to the heart such as coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. The cardiac pacemaker is a device that can be used to treat heart failure by assisting the heart to perform its function of pumping blood to the body (Forde & Pat, p. 1263). The device is placed in the chest of the person who has the problem of heart failure and it delivers controlled and systematic electric stimulus to maintain normal heartbeat. Notably, the cardiac pacemaker monitors the hear beat of a person ensures that the heart rate is normal. This device plays a vital role of ensuring that the affected person does not succumb to heart failure by ensuring that the heart pumps blood at the desired rate. For instance, if the heart begins to slow down in its pumping process, the cardiac pacemaker sends an electric stimulus to the heart to initiate normal pumping. Once the heart regains the desired pumping rate, the cardiac pacemaker takes a back seat and continues monitoring the heart rate for any anomalies. ...
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