Evaporator mass and energy balance and mechanical design

Evaporator mass and energy balance and mechanical design Essay example
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Evaporator mass and energy balance, and mechanical design Name Institution Date Design Objective Design is geared towards improvement of Evaporation equipment to meet environmental impact assessment requirement. The evaporator can be identified either as multiple effect or thermo-compression and or mechanical recompression.


Recovery of some if not all the valuable volatile fractions Executive Summary System study is to be undertaken in the evaporation plant to assess hazard and operability standards (HAZOP study of the evaporation plant). This report details the results of the HAZOP study. It covers mass and energy balance, safety consideration, environmental assessment report, economic appraisal in accordance with the requirements. Engineering line diagram, control system and equipment design is to be updated to reflect the outcome of the HAZOP exercise. The participants had a significant amount of experience in the design and operation of evaporation plants. Therefore, the hazards were generally well-known as well as the required control measures to reduce risk to within limits or acceptable levels as stated by governing bodies. During the study, the safety management system and existing site operating procedures were discussed and included as potential causes for hazardous events and significant operability problems. Significant issues identified were then recorded in the HAZOP study notes taken during the study process for inclusion in the final version of the updated procedures for the facility. ...
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