Literature Review for Dissertation topic: Sustainable Housing

Literature Review for Dissertation topic: Sustainable Housing Dissertation example
Engineering and Construction
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Subject: Engineering and Construction By [Name of Student] [Name of Institution] [Date] Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 Sustainability 1 Sustainability in construction in the UK at current time 2 Legislation: Regulations set by the Government 3 Sustainable Housing 1 General Information 2 Types of Sustainable Construction 3 Renewable energy resources suitable in the UK 4 Energy efficient materials 5 Choice of location and orientation 4 Sustainable Construction in Industry 5 Cost 1 The financial influence of sustainability in construction 2 The estimated cost of the sustainable housing development 6 Data Presentation (AutoCAD, Programme of work etc.) 7 Conclusions and Recommendations Introdu


As a result, the sustainable housing policies sought would help ensure that houses built are ideal, comfortable and eco-friendly. Besides known stakeholders in the construction industry such as construction companies, the other parties involved in the promotion of sustainable construction are commercial institutions such as banks and housing and mortgage firms, which support green building projects by funding (Cole, 1999). Among the benefits that the United Kingdom’s government and citizens enjoy from sustainable housing are eco benefits such as timber frames from sustainable forests, material recycling and rain water capturing. Notably, solar energy is also trapped by the designing of sloped roofs. It should however be realized that sustainable housing designs do not in any way jeopardize the design and quality of buildings. ...
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