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Ethical issue, or issues, affecting the construction indistry today. - Research Paper Example

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Research Paper
Engineering and Construction
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Running Head: Ethical Issues in the Construction Industry Ethical Issues in the Construction Industry Customer Inserts His/her Name University Name Introduction Ethical issues have increased in the corporate world because of the increasing complex nature of businesses…

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Ethical issue, or issues, affecting the construction indistry today.

These problems are getting more serious everyday because proper framework is not present to avoid ethical issues. In this essay two of the most prevalent ethical problems in the construction industry will be discussed that is use of low quality material and employee related issues. Use of Low Quality Material The use of low quality material is prevalent in construction industry because it is difficult to account for the materials beings used in constructions of buildings, houses, roads or bridges. Contractors and firms can use low quality material without any chance of being caught by the relevant authorities and this is why compromising quality is quite common in the construction business. The main focus of the construction companies is on cost cutting and as they attempt to crib expenses they are enticed to use low quality materials in their constructions. The article by Yosoff et al. (2006) explains that construction companies are prone to quality issues. The article explains how construction firms are coming under enormous pressure from authorities to mend their ways and therefore they are trying to adopt total quality management. The ethical issues like use of raw material are prevalent in the industry because of absence of any international standard. This leads to subjective decision making where room for unethical practices exist. ...
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