Analysis of Soft Systems Methodology in Relation to Construction Projects

Analysis of Soft Systems Methodology in Relation to Construction Projects Essay example
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Analysis of Soft System Methodology in Relation to Construction Projects Content Analysis of the Soft Systems Methodology in Construction Projects.3 Merits of Soft Systems Methodology in Construction Projects…


.................6 Methodology of SSM in Construction Project Risk Management.............................7 Limitations of SSM and Need to use Hard Systems..................................................8 References..................................................................................................................10 Analysis of the Soft Systems Methodology in Construction Projects Construction projects are complex processes that incorporate many skills, materials, and different operations (Sears et al, 2008). There is therefore a need for numerous skills and techniques to be put together to ensure the best results are attained, not only for the contractors but numerous stakeholders involved in the project. Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) seeks to inquire about the perceptions and preferences of different stakeholders in a given construction project (Andrews, 2000). In other words, SSM is a method of giving some kind of legitimacy to a project by trying to understand the desires and needs of various people who affect or are affected by the construction project at hand. SSM tries to investigate complex issues and problems that are not well defined on the basis of numerous stakeholder views and demands and upgrade the knowledge about a project and integrate them in the project (Checkland, 1999). Basically, SSM is a system of investigating and understanding the environment within which a construction project will be undertaken. ...
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