Sustainability in Construction and the Integration of Building Services

Sustainability in Construction and the Integration of Building Services Essay example
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Topic: Building Engineering Introduction In the past few decades, building designs have already been dramatically changing due to the prevalent climate change. Several studies on climate change have proved that carbon emission from buildings and industries is one of the major culprit and contributor to the gradual climate change.


It is in this context, two documents were determined to provide solutions to the built environment designs. The solutions proposed were different from one another because the first one was a proactive solution and the second one was a reactive solution to climate change. The CIBSE Briefing 8 (2003) was focused on providing new buildings and refurbishments design and operation solutions. The purpose of this proactive solution was to minimise or reduce the use of energy, which was identified as the major source of carbon emission that causes climate change. Meanwhile, the CIBSE Briefing 10 (2004) provided solution that focused on the reduction on the impact of climate change on the built environment. It is considered as a reactive solution because the design responded to the effects of climate trend to the built environment particularly to the thermal comfort. On the other hand, the former briefing was considered as proactive solution because it tried to prevent the causation of climate change before it emerges. Further, both the information on the briefings was considered useful. However, the application of the building designs could be practicable to new buildings and refurbishments. It could also be used for existing buildings at the expense that it would need massive renovation. ...
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