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Global Navigation System

The idea of a global setup for navigation and monitoring was conceived in around 1960s when feasibility studies were conducted for this purpose, and in late 1970s the setup was run practically. For first few years the operations were limited to military use and defense purposes while last decade of 20th century gave rise to commercial use of G.P.S. There are two more competitive forces in competition with NAVSTAR in this field, one run and administered by Russia called GLONASS, while Europeans have Galileo in place. The annual costs incurred in the working and maintenance of G.P.S is around one billion dollars annually. Global Navigation system can help determining two things to nearly exact proximity. The coordinates in form of longitude, latitude, and height while Time in terms of Universal Standard times (2). G.P.S is run and administered by United States Air force and has a massive setup behind it, a total of 24 constellation satellites are in place for performing twenty four hours tasks operation. ...
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Global Navigation System In past different means and measures have been used to keep track of things and people .All those means were less effective and more tedious in nature. Mid 20th century gave us concept of something that is more effective, less tiresome and that technology is called Global Navigation System or Global Positioning System .Global Positioning System has made the task of tracking and monitoring possible and has enabled all those things which were not possible in past…
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