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Materials in Engineering Systems - Uranium

Many regulatory agencies and activist groups work towards certain ends in the debate. Uranium seems set for a period of high significance as fossil fuels become scarce. The most viable replacement to Uranium is Thorium. The production of Uranium remains one of the most controversial issues in the energy industry. Uranium is naturally radioactive hence there are a range of issues that attend it entire life cycle. Along with the rest of the nuclear industry, Uranium mining, processing, use and disposal all attract a lot of attention from various parties. The main producers of Uranium are Kazakhstan, Canada, and Australia. Kazakhstan produces about 23% of the world’s uranium, while together with Canada and Australia, the production is 63% (Dahlkamp 11). Other countries that produce Uranium include Namibia, Niger, Russia, Uzbekistan, and the United States (Dahlkamp 11). There have been several booms in the price of Uranium ore during various stages of the development of the industry. The distribution of Uranium revolves around countries that have direct interests in the nuclear technologies. The risks associated with the material makes its distribution a highly regulated affair. Several agencies, such as the International Atomic Energy Agency, monitor the processing and distribution of Uranium (IAEA 45). ...
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School of Engineering & Applied Science Materials in Engineering Systems EAS 213 2011 TO: Dr. FROM: Customer Inserts Name Subject: Research Paper on Materials Date: December 14, 2011 Uranium is an important resource because of its application as a fuel for nuclear reactors…
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