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Measurement Systems Comparison – NRA and CESMM3 Introduction Both NRA and CESMM3 are standards used widely for civil engineering contracting procedures. In order to implement the optimal standard for the problem at hand it is pertinent to differentiate between both standards.


Such earthworks could be for paved areas, for sub-bases, for contiguous filler materials, for surface water channels and for landscape areas. In case of embankments earthworks will be treated as capping tops only while in case of permanent storage it will exclude top soil. For structures below the level of ground, the permanently exposed face below ground level will be considered only. For the case of a foundation the permanently exposed face above ground level down to capping level will be considered. For treated areas the Series Existing Ground Level will be obtained after treatment. The sub soil level will be defined after the removal of the top soil level as per contract specification. Surcharge has been considered as any material put on embankments for loading them. Moreover it has been assumed that one cubic meter removed material is equal to one cubic meter of compacted fill and there is no space for bulking or shrinkage. Another important thing is that excavated materials from Series 100 to 500 and Series 700 to 2500 cannot be evaluated according to these designations. For embankments the first 75 mm are not measured but for landscapes the additional fill, deposition and compaction are not measured. ...
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