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SURFACE PLASMON RESONANCE SENSORS Introduction This is the oscillation of delocalized, valence electrons on a solid’s surface stimulated by light energy incident on that object. The mesmerism starts when the natural frequency of the surface electrons matches with that of the light packets (photons).


The metals used are mainly gold and silver. When the surface plasmons collide with light energy, a kind of resonance occurs named; surface Plasmon polarization. The resonance continues oscillating along the surface of the metal decaying gradually through loss of energy to the absorption into the metal and radiation to the media interface i.e. air or water or other surface (Bozhevolnyi, 2008). The resonance of the surface Plasmon is then used to monitor the reflected light energy from a prism coupler in relation to the angle of incidence. This method can be applied to solve real life problems like observation of nanometer variations in density, thickness and molecular adsorption. Devices are being innovated every day in application of this technique. The surface Plasmon resonance sensors (SPRS) help detect chemicals, molecules, tissues like proteins, metals among other materials. This technology has been commercialized hence it is used in a very wide number of fields i.e. mass destruction weapons, medicine, security protocols, pharmacy, production plants, service delivery like water for residential use, optic communications and so on (Thirstrup, 2004). New and Useful Applications of Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors The applications could be classified into four distinct groups: 1. Optical sensors 2. Biosensors 3. ...
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