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Name: Institution: Course: Date: Material Science: Road Tires The road tire is the outer fitting of the wheel; the part that comes into contact with the ground in motor vehicles and similar machines. In vehicles, bicycles, airplanes and similar machines, the road tires essentially bear the total load of the machine.


Road wheels are designed to operate in a variety of environments as they run on dry, muddy, and water-logged paths. The tires are also designed to run on smooth and rough terrains. The material that is used for making road tires should hence be elastic, wear resistant, durable, strong, and resistant to oxidation and corrosion. This paper discusses the materials and processes used in the making of road tires. In the manufacture of tires, numerous materials are assembled together, built around a metallic drum, then cured and heat under pressure. The various components used in the manufacture of road tires include; rubber, black carbon, and chemicals and a steel wire combined and cured under high pressure. Natural rubber is obtained from rubber tree is used mainly in the manufacture of the rubber part that is exposed to the surface; this is because it is considered durable and does not wear out easily due to its flexibility and elasticity properties. It also has high abrasion effects and can withstand both high and low heat (Dhir 264). Natural rubber is preferred as it is easily obtainable from rubber growing countries like Liberia and other European countries. It has close substitutes; synthetic rubber such as Stirene-butadiene co-polymer (SBR), and Polybutadiene . ...
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