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Fibre Reinforce Polymer Composites in Bridge Structures Name Institution: Abstract Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite as a new construction material has gradually gained acceptance in the construction industry especially bridge construction. FRP composites have primarily been developed for use in the defense industries and the aerospace industries but can as well be utilized in civil infrastructure.


In addition, FRP composites have also replaced traditional bridge decks, girders, and stay cables. This paper aims at investigating the specific use of thermoset polymer material with specific focus on polymer related issues.To achieve this, the paper will investigate the use of Fibre Reinforced Polymer composite in bridge engineering by first presentingan introduction on Fibre Reinforced Polymer including definitions, component description general application areas and the mechanical properties. The focus will then be shifted to FRP composites as a material for the manufacture of structural elements, describing its properties, the process of manufacturing that are relevant to bridge engineering, and assortment of tendons, cables, bridge deck systems, and structural profiles. In addition, this paper will focus on the properties of Fibre Reinforced Polymer composites and compare them with those traditional materials. Introduction Mechanically, a composite is a separable combination of two or more materials that are not the same at the molecular level but purposefully mixed to come up with a new material that has optimal and superior properties, which are different from those of its components (123). ...
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