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AIRFLOW IN DUCTS By NAME Presented to INSTITUTION PROFESSOR COURSE Summary Experiment 1 The flow rate within a boundary layer is less than that for uniform flow of velocity. The reduction in flow is equal to the area under the curve. If we had a uniform flow equal to that in the boundary layer, the surface would have to be displaced a significant distance in order to produce the reduction.


Experiment 2 There is a slight fall in pressure in the approach section and the static pressure is at a minimum about one pipe diameter before the orifice plate. The pressure of the fluid then rises near the face of the orifice. There is then a sudden fall of pressure as the fluid passes through the orifice, but the minimum pressure is not attained until the vena contracta is reached. Beyond the vena contracta, there is a rapid recovery in the static pressure. Owing to friction and dissipation of energy in turbulence, the maximum downstream pressure is always lesser than the upstream pressure. The pressure loss so caused depends upon the differential pressure and increases as the orifice ratio decreases for a given rate of flow. ...
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