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Improvements 1. The angle of the throwing arm was initially stopping at an angle of 90°, so as soon as the ball was launched gravity pulled it and it fell down, this angle of the throwing arm was adjusted accordingly for proper launch so that the ball went straight.


Range : The range is the distance covered by the ball after launch. The maximum range for parabolic path which the ball covers can be obtained at an angle of 45°. The horizontal distance from the point of launch to the point where the ball falls gives the range. 2. Trajectory : It is the path covered the ball, from the catapult after the launch the trajectory of the ball is parabolic. 3. Velocity : The rate of change of displacement is termed as the velocity. For a parabolic path the velocity of ball will be taken as the horizontal and vertical component of velocity at different points. 4. Newton’s three laws are applied in the working of the catapult. The first law states an object continues to remain in its state of rest or motion until and unless an external force is applied. The ball starts motion only after the sling or in our catapult the throwing arm is pressed and released and it stops where the forces due to gravity, air resistance etc. stop the ball. Second law states that force is directly proportion to the acceleration of the body and acceleration is inversely proportional to the mass, increasing the mass of projectile or ball will decrease acceleration and force required will increase. ...
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