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Report on Carbon Capture Plant Research Report March 5, 2012 2500 words Name Institution Report on Carbon Capture Pilot Plant Abstract This is a report on the test runs and pilot experiments on a carbon capture plant. The project’s focus is on the physical absorption of carbon dioxide from a mixture of gases.


It seeks to make known the possibilities that can happen when the plant starts full operation; and to let those concerned know what is expected when the plant is commissioned to start running officially. The errors seen should not be ignored because they present another perspective to the test runs and show what should be expected. Keywords Absorption Gases, Heat Transfer, Safety, Heat Conduction, Fluid Mechanics Introduction As indicated above, this project focuses on the physical absorption of carbon dioxide. The objectives of the project are as follows: 1. Understand the basic processes occurring in the plant for separating carbon dioxide from nitrogen 2. Become familiar with the plant (hardware, instrumentation and control systems). 3. Be able to prepare start-up and shut down instructions for operating the plant in a safe and efficient manner, taking into account that during transient conditions chemical plants are less safe than when they operate at steady state. 4. Develop an understanding of the relevant theory behind the operation of the pilot plant, e.g. Use of principles of heat transfer, mass transfer, and gas-liquid equilibrium. 5. Understand the effect of controllable system parameters on plant performance; and how to measure, control, and evaluate performance. Be able to plan a set of relevant experimental runs to collect the required data. ...
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