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Construction and Environment Name Tutor Course Date Construction and environment The construction industry has been facing inefficiencies in production and satisfaction of customer needs, as identified by Sir John Egan as the Chairman of the Construction task force, the major cause is due to the poor health and safety of the workforce.


He also stated that in the formulation of their proposal for performance improvement, they studied what had been happening and gained insight on the transformations that they had undergone in the recent years. Due to the concerns raised facing the need to meet clients expectations and to the fact that it is underachieving, the Deputy prime Minister set up the Construction Task Force. In UK’s domestic economy, the construction industry provides a substantial value to the Gross domestic product and therefore, it needs to be safeguarded and allowed to continue growing. The industry measures well with the others in the world due to its flexibility, the nature of the willing labour in adapting to the harsh working conditions. To improve efficiency the task force has to refer to several guidelines which were outlined as; quantification of scope for the improvement of efficiency in construction, examination of practices currently in the improvement of innovations in processes and products, identification of good practices and projects which would help in the demonstrations and also the advisory of the Deputy Prime Minister to improve efficient building of houses of quality (Lock, 2007). Modernisation is a key factor that affects profitability rate. ...
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