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Engineering and Construction
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The Great Escape is one of the books/ movies that tend to talk about some of the project lessons. Actually, the movie is based on construction as one of its major themes. There are very many projects in the engineering sector and they tend to correlate.


This project has been in the research field for many years trying to make some improvements pegged on the technological status of the world. This project also gets its boost financially from SETI Institute of Mountain View USA. This institute has been funding this project from the year of its publication, which is February 1995, leading to a great change and advancement of their research methods. The financial stability of this project has really boosted and triggered some of the inventions they carry out in relation to technology (Basalla, 36). This project was first started by Parkes radio telescope which is based on the South Wales in Australia. Initially, before the SETI Institute started funding this project, the Parkes radio telescope institute, who also happened to be the introducer of this project, was responsible for all the findings that the project might have needed during those days. This project conducts a thorough research technologically basing some of its analysis and references to the scientific principles. Since its year of establishment, the project has really grown and undergone a lot of advancements leading to the expansion of various branches and subsections. ...
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