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Construction Health and Safety Construction is such a hazardous industry where health and safety mostly needs to be improved. These improvements demand the adoption of important and long lasting changes in attitudes and behaviour of the people involved. The construction design and management regulations 2007 (CDM 2007) came into force on 6 April 2007 to replace the CDM 2004 and construction, health, safety and welfare regulations 1996.


Otherwise, any designer who may be engaged by a domestic client is obliged to comply with the rules. Construction works refer to construction alteration, upkeep, repair and maintenance, commissioning, renovation, decommissioning, redecoration, fitting-out, demolition or dismantling. It also includes site preparation, exploration and surveys. Failure to comply with the code is treated as evidence of breach of health and safety legislation by a court of law. The regulations cover the responsibilities of clients, the roles of principal contractors and sub-contractors, the roles of designers and planning supervisors (Griffiths and Griffiths, 2011). The CDM regulations help in the improvement of health and safety in construction industries. When these regulations are followed to the letter, a significant improvement is observed. Then, they ensure that the construction involves the right people at the right time. Risk management is done on time to reduce its vulnerability and possibility of occurrence. The construction team is also able to focus on effective planning and practical management of risks. ...
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