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Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Two-point load test was used to examine the bending moment of the bars while the cubes were subjected to compression tests for estimating their compressive strength. The flexural strength was also quantified. The effects observed on the steel fiber and steel bar reinforced beams and cubes were compared with those of beams and cubes made with plain concrete. The observations and comparisons are discussed. Introduction High durability and strength are an important prerequisite for concrete structures as they are continuously exposed to various forces, both static and dynamic (Elavenil & Knight 2007). Therefore, considerable research in recent years has focused on enhancing these properties in concrete. The use of fibers for reinforcement in concrete has been shown to improve its behavior. Reinforcement with fibers improves the toughness of concrete under any kind of loading as the fibers increase the strain experienced at peak load and enhance energy absorption (Van Chanh 2005). While several fibers such as glass, steel, cellulous and synthetic fibers are used for concrete reinforcement, the effects of reinforcement using steel fibers is explicitly discussed here. Special emphasis is given to the mechanical properties and performance of SFRC as compared to plain concrete. ...
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Abstract It is seen that the use of steel fibers as reinforcements in concrete lends superior properties to the concrete structure. The mechanical properties such as the load-bearing capacity and flexural strengths are enhanced. Steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) is more durable and exhibits creep resistance, higher durability, and has high resistance to crack propagation…
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