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Code of Ethics for Engineers [Name] [Date] Abstract The paper deals with the importance of responsibility of modern managers and engineers. These two categories of people are very much responsible for their committed actions, which should be based not only on their professionalism, but also on their ethical considerations in the sphere of their professional activity.


Introduction The issues of ethics in the modern society are very important for the representatives of different fields. A special attention to ethics should be paid by managers and engineers, people, who are responsible for the lives of other people. It is evident that the issues of ethics determine important background of professional activities. Thus, an engineer should be responsible and a devoted professional. A neglectful attitude to the direct professional duties can result in deaths of people or numerous damages. It is further discussed that engineers should develop and support their decisions, which are honest, factual and safe. Therefore, it is not difficult to comply with the ethical issues for the engineers. A personal contribution to work and work performance under supervision will lead to taking the number of steps in a responsible manner. The level of competence and experience are two basic factors, which determine the successful actions of the managers. Case Study Summary The responsibility of the modern managers and engineers exceeds the limits of their standard professional roles and functions. ...
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