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NEC Assignment 2 The NEC Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) developed by the Institution of Civil Engineers is a guideline for creating documents in the engineering and construction industry related to tenders, awarding and conducting contracts. It comprises of some standard contracts, based on these principles: encouraging co-operation between parties to the contract, suitability for various commercial projects (Eggleston, 2006).


The ECS contract is parallel to ECC in detail and complications of contractual demands; however, the names of the parties to the contract and timescales for completion are changed to meet the deadlines under the ECC contract (GMH Planning, 2012). Clause 11.2(17) lays down the criteria for a subcontractor. Firstly, someone involved in construction or installation of part of the work which indicates that a contractor can’t sublet an entire project to another individual or organization. Secondly, it can be someone who provides a service necessary to provide the works, this shows that services of others can be utilized and no limitation is placed on only subletting a part of the project. The third category describes individuals and organizations that would not be considered as sub-contractors. They enter into a contract regarding the provision of plant and material which they partly or completely designed for a specific project. The imperative point to remember is that the burden of responsibility of the contactor towards the employer is not shifted to a subcontractor (Eggleston, 2006). ...
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