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Name Tutor Course College Date Introduction Construction management is one of the fields that require good knowledge of negotiation to enhance the whole process. During the process, different stakeholders are assigned different roles, and it is upon them to agree to the terms of the given roles.


Different sizes of projects require different services, and so before one makes a decision on the system to use to require the services, size is one of the basic things to consider. This report is about the construction project that we undertook. Being the four of us, each member was given a different role and each member had to closely work together with the other members of the group in order to succeed. Negotiation was very important in the whole process as every member of the group had to convince the other three members of the group to sign the given roles assigned to each member. Since this was a small project, we used the contract management procurement system to come up with the roles and services that each group member was supposed to perform (Rodgers, 2000, p. 87). This procurement system is very efficient in gaining greater visibility for the whole project. With the use of the procurement lifecycle, the system is able to appropriately assign different roles to different contractors without being unfair to one party. The procurement system A construction project requires different parties, each playing different roles in the project. In contract management procurement system, each member of the project is given a specific role to play. The members have to agree to the given task by having a head of terms which both parties have to sign. ...
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