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Electronic Communication Threats (Name) (Course) (Section) (Date Due) (Tutor) Abstract Electronic communication, through Information technology, has significantly revolutionized the manner in which organizations conduct business. Such characteristics as unmatched ease of use, speed, accuracy and reliability among others have ensured a rapid gain in popularity of electronic communication over the years.


It is with no doubt that the technology has lowered the cost of operation and increased profit margins and business productivity, however, its rapid growth and extensive use has brought along potentially harmful threats to the technology itself and to its users. The paper examines the potential threats related to electronic communication and recommends possible responds to such threats. Introduction Electronic communication, a form of communication involving the transfer of images, signals, data and signs through electromagnetic energy, radio, wire or photo-optical system was discovered in 1998 and its popularity has grown drastically ever since. (Kranakis, 2008) The technology has significantly improved and enhanced the speed, reliability and accuracy in communication including globalization of various business and organizations utilizing the technology. A part from the vast and evident advantages of electronic communication, there are a number of threats associated with overreliance on the technology. The use of loop holes in the technology by cyber criminals posses as the most critical threat among others. ...
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