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PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Project implementation This chapter will address and contain the following information; Block diagram, Step by step explanation of the different parts of the circuit. The combination of the different parts into one single project, PCB design will cover issues of layout, track information, and the circuit’s EMI.


The main function of the encoders and decoders is to convert parallel data to series data. Design of the control circuit The function of the control circuit will be to give an alarm to indicate the departure of the child. The communication process that will be employed is the RF communication because it is the most accepted and affordable cost solution. In the RF module, both transmitter and receiver pairs are essential because the communication uses the principle of serial communication. The module of operation demands a component that converts the n-bit data to serial data. The RF module can, therefore, employ Serial encoders or decoders (HT12D and HT12E) to convert the data or task. RF communication block diagram The block diagram of the RF communication illustrated above employs the encoders/decoders that are TTL compatible. Therefore, the input levels are depicted in a TTL Logic level. To solve the problem, the TTL input must be changed into serial data input. To have a serial data input, an encoder must be used because; it can be read directly by the RF transmitter performing the amplitude Key shifting (ASK) modulation, and further transmitting the data via antenna. ...
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