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Dissertation example - Comparative study of coastal protection against flooding between management alignment, seawall and breakwater design.

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Engineering and Construction
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The aim of writing this project is to compare different method used to protect vulnerable areas of England and Wales from damage caused by flood and coastal erosion, flood defence seek to reduce the risk of flooding and to safeguard life, protect property and sustain economic activity…

Extract of sample

The ministry of Agriculture, fisheries and food has estimated that if there were no defence in England and Wales, the annual average value of damage from flooding and coastal erosion would be of the order of nearly £3 billion, with the existence defence, damage still occur but is of the order of an average £600 million a year (Maff, 2000) which is still a lot of money.
The method that this project is going to be written on will be base on not only one aspect but three, which are economic, environmental and technical issues. Generally the management of flood and coastal defense within a strategic framework encourages practices that avoid disruption to natural processes and which are sustainable in the long term (including adapting to climate change).
The areas that this project is going to be based on or the approach strategically will be based on:

• Brief introduction to beach morphology
• The administrative framework for flood and coastal defence in England and Wales.
• Problems with flood and coastal defence policies.
• Management realignment
• Breakwaters structures from concept to design
• Seawalls structures from concept to design
• Assessment of the impact of coastal defence
• The long-term views;
• Innovation in seeking and developing solution;
• A comprehensive regard to impacts;
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