the impact of technology on society(electrification(electricity))

the impact of technology on society(electrification(electricity)) Research Paper example
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Topic : The Invention of Electricity 1. Introduction The invention of electricity can be regarded as the strongest turning point in technical field since the emergence of industrial revolution. Here, the paper attempts to reveal the history of electricity invention and its position in changing the face of the world.


Since the evolution of electricity is a complex phenomenon, its makeover is done by various personalities at various span of time at different stages. If we look at who identified electricity in an elaborate way, then the credit can be given to Benjamin Franklin who recognized electricity by flying kite on the occasion of lightning. It was in 1752, June 15th that Benjamin Franklin propagated that lightning is the pure form of electricity. He founded through experiment that electricity could pass through metals and this gave way to the great discovery of many electrical appliances and gadgets. 2.1.1 The Phenomenon of Electricity Surprisingly, the electricity as a scientific phenomenon did not gain recognition until the last quarter of eighteenth century. The early civilization to probe in to the discovery of electricity was the Greek personalities. The word electricity itself is connected to the Greek word “Elektron” or amber as rubbing of amber with cloth produced electricity. ...
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