Charging of a 6-12V lead acid battery through the use of a solar panel

Charging of a 6-12V lead acid battery through the use of a solar panel Essay example
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INTRODUCTION Introduction This introduction chapter will include the summary of the whole project. This chapter includes the synopsis of the project itself, including its aim and detailed objectives. Project Overview During the 1973 Middle East war, the world of energy disaster influenced the interest of developing countries in studying the solar system.


Currently, man used the fullest potential of the solar system that able the man to use it as the source of renewable energy research. The project that includes in this research used the solar power as the source of energy for the circuit.This study used a solar cell battery charger, which is an instrument that sum up all the energy in a rechargeable battery by driving an electric current on it. There are given two tasks that need to take note in commonly using lead-acid based battery charges. First, it is task to fully pay attention for the self-discharge, frequently faster as practical in order to have a consistency in its capacity. Second, it is tasked to restore capacity. For both tasks cases, ideal operation needs to exactly identify the voltage of the battery. The aim of this project is to formulate a circuit that through the use of photovoltaic cells as a main basis would charge a 6-12V lead acid based battery. Depending to the given technology and capacity of the battery that being charge will determine the charge current. In this case, it is preferable to use 6V and 12V batteries. ...
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