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[Name] [Course Title] [Instructor Name] [Date] The Water Cycle The hydrologic cycle, commonly known as the water cycle or the H2O cycle, is one of the most important processes happening on Earth to keep living beings alive. Water is the most important necessity for the life of all living creatures on the Earth and one of the basic elements that makes up the Earth’s surface.


Nature has the ultimate solution of making the above mentioned necessity happen through the “water cycle”. The water cycle is a process in which water switches its state between the three different phases, namely solid, liquid and gas. And then further the water cycle includes circulation between the earth’s surface, water bodies and the atmosphere. The basic driving force of the water is the sun (Hughes 12-19). The water cycle is of immense importance as it helps to regulate the temperature of the earth surface and also helps in bringing rainfall to various parts of Earth.. When the water on Earth’s surface is evaporated it takes away the Earth’s heat as well, thus cooling the surroundings. And when the water condenses it release back the heat thus warming up the environment and this helps in regulating temperature throughout the globe. The water cycle helps to circulate minerals between different places on the Earth and also helps in conversion of rocks to soil. An important contribution of the water cycle is the formation of different topographical features throughout the earth which enhance beauty of the Earth’s surface and also provides other benefits. Without the presence of water cycle it would not be possible for the living organisms to survive (Olien 9-14). ...
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